Credit Problem Repair
"Let us resuscitate your credit score!"

"LET US Resuscitate your credit score!"

Late Payments, collections, repossessions, foreclosures and bankruptcies can all be re-evaluated!

Credit Repair

Life happens to all of us

Why should that continue to ruin your credit?

Has the situation with our economy caused your bills to be late or to go to collections?

Have you lost your credit accounts, your car or even your home?

Maybe you have been a victim of identity theft and don't know where to begin to raise your credit score.

Even if you do know how to clean it up, do you have the time or patience to fight with the system?

I have the time, patience, and knowledge, to fight YOUR fight FOR YOU!

I work with you personally One-on-One!

I charge a fraction of what most national credit repair companies do and I'm LOCAL!

Did you know that:

"I can help remove negative marks from your credit reports... Everything can be re-evaluated!"

"I know all the laws and have the wording that challenges your negative history."

Its free to talk to me, a very small cost for a consultation, and my rates are very low... What I do WORKS!!!

I have references... just ask.


Justine H., Ontario, Oregon.

A few years ago I was put in contact with Shar, like most young moms who hadn't ever received state benefits, had a mound of medical bills piling up. I would pay what I could on them monthly, and still the collection companies were attacking my credit. I didn't know what to do. We made good money and somehow I had poor credit. After about 2 months of working with her, my score had improved immensely! I am so thankful to her. She will forever be my "Go to Girl" for any and all financial questions and help I need.

David and Pamela P, Weiser, ID

Today I would like to thank Shar Helton at CPR. For years we have struggled to repair our damaged credit that we created after a illness and death occurred in our family. We bowed our heads and was directed her way. Now I am very proud to say, "We are built our forever home". Thank you Shar for what you do for others at such a low and affordable cost. God has blessed you with an incredible gift. "changing peoples life's". Again thank you so much. Feeling very blessed

Mary and Tom C, Boise, ID

If there is one thing I pay attention to, is customer service and professionalism. Working with CPR has displayed both in my opinion. Shar worked one on one with my and my husband to help us to achieve the final goal of buying a home. It didn't take as long as we expected. Shar was clear on what to expect each step of the process, she stayed in touch with us, was easy to get a hold of (even if we had to leave a voicemail). Shar clearly knows her stuff and isn't afraid to explain everything she does as she is doing it. Our experience with CPR is by far different then then the original credit repair company we started with, and the cost were so much easier to handle.

Becca Ann, Payette, ID

I have to say, going to Shar was an amazing experience! She is professional, affordable, local and most importantly non judgemental! Please don't put off repairing your credit any longer! Call Shar!

Brandy M, Caldwell, ID

Finally, feeling the financial burdens of my past, melting a brand new, clean slate in my life....Thank You, you are WONDERFUL!! and all the other amazing words I can think!...LOL.

Mariah and Anthony, Oregon

Shar, Anthony and I just can't THANK you enough for what you have done with our credit, we are so amazed at the work you do!!!! I am very very grateful we went to you. I have told multiple people to sign up with you and get back on track. Thanks to you we are now able to buy a house this year. Again, awesome work!!!!!!!!

"I have the time, patience, and knowledge to fight YOUR fight FOR YOU!"

Late payments, collections, repossessions, foreclosures, and bankruptcies can all be re-evaluated.

I know the laws and have the wording that challenges your negative history.