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***Credit Tip***

I absolutely love Credit! I also love the benefits that comes along with having credit.

If I had the opportunity to buy something with $1,000 cash or use a credit card that gives me cash back or rewards, I will ALWAYS choose a credit card over cash.

Cash doesn’t give me money back, Points, nor rewards. But a cash back credit card or rewards card does.

What I would do is purchase the item with my reward credit card, then I’d take the $1,000 cash and immediately pay off that purchase.

I now have my $1,000 item, I have also paid off my credit card, and even earned cash back or rewards from the purchase! Talk about a Win-Win!

You can apply this very same principle when you pay your car insurance, cellphone bill, grocery shop for the week, gas, cable bill, or any type of bill. If you have one, use your cash rewards card, make money from paying your bills, and IMMEDIATELY pay them off. Only do this if you can immediately pay these items off.

It takes an extremely disciplined person to do this.

In everything I do, I try to lead by example. The same applies when it comes to my business. I’m always encouraging my clients to make as many payments as possible when it comes to paying on their credit cards. Especially if you have the money in the bank account to pay it off. Doing this allows you to possibly pay no interest on any of your credit cards, and still reap the benefits of cash and rewards that come with your credit card.

I never want to appear that I ask any of my clients to do things I’m not doing myself. I always want to lead my example.

The screenshots you see are just one of the many cards I have with American Express. As you can see I make several payments a week. I was able to look at my payment history and noticed I’ve made $17,000 in Payments on just this one card in the last 45 days.

With me making multiple payments throughout the month, American Express has no problem issuing me as much credit as I need, because I’ve shown I can be trusted with money and credit.

As you can see although there is a balance, there is no payment due. The $4,000 balance is all from the last 10 days. This particular balance won’t be due until next month in December. But why wait until December to pay on a balance, when I can start paying it now and now.

Once again, doing this method shows I know how to manage Credit and can be trusted with Credit.

If a credit card company says your bill isn’t due until November 27th, make a payment now. And pay even more to get the balance down.

Once last example. If your payment $60 a month. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you making four payments of $15 a week. Or even paying more and paying $20 a week to pay your bill and pay down your balance even more.

If you have the money to pay down your balances, please do so. I promise it will reflect positively on your credit reports!

Hopefully you were able to take something from this message and apply to your finances somehow!