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Frequently Asked Questions


How long before I see results?
Clients start seeing results in the 1st 45 days of starting.
What if all my negative items are accurate?
At CPR, we work on identifying the inaccurate, erroneous and/or unverifiable information that shows on your credit report, once we determine the “issue” with each negative account, we work on challenging it to remove it.
Can you help while I'm going through a bankruptcy?
I don’t suggest credit repair while you are going through a Bankruptcy. I honestly have seen between 6-10 clients who actually need a bankruptcy verses credit repair in the past 10 years.
Is credit repair worth it? Why?
In my personal opinion after doing my own credit repair in my early 20s, that credit repair allows a client to move forward in life and helps them get past an illness that caused medical bills, a divorce that contributed to late payments then helps jump a client over the hurdle that holds them back to winning in this game we call life and having good credit.
Can we communicate through Email?
Yes, I communicate through all methods, phone, text, email.
What are the hours I can speak with a Credit Repair Advisor?
Since we see clients daily, if you ever call and we aren’t available to speak, leave us a message, we return ALL calls!
What are the three credit bureaus?
Experian, Equifax and Transunion.
How long does it take to fix bad credit?
Since there are no guarantees in credit repair, time varies on repairing your credit, that is why we charge a flat fee no matter how long it takes. Credit issues didn’t happen over-night and sometimes repairing credit takes longer for some.
How long do negative items stay on your credit report?
Most items stay 7 years, there are some that can stay on for up to 10. 
Can I get a loan with bad credit?
Typically no, however I work with several banks that help assist you with establishing new credit to help move you forward on your journey to credit repair.
Do you understand what I need to do in order to qualify to purchase a home.
Since CPR, Credit Problem Repair works with a long list of Mortgage Companies, we understand what is needed as far as your scores go to qualify for a home loan.
Can you help me not get to this same place again?
Yes, the education of stopping the same patterns or behaviors that got your credit scores here in the first place is THEE most important skill needed to not get back here in the future. Once you become a client of CPR, we help guide you on establishing new credit and learning a new set of skills while we are working on the repair side of things.
Why is it so much for credit repair?
Personally I charge for the set up/document preparation of credit repair, the companies that charge a monthly fee do not have incentive to repair your credit at a faster pace if you are paying them a monthly fee. I charge a 1 time fee and work until there is nothing more we can do on your credit, then we work on what “if” anything needs to be paid off, paid down or settled on.

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