To review Clients credit report and advise of incorrect, inaccurate, or obsolete items.

Client is bound to NO commitment for any other services PAST the complimentary consultation.

Client must have either a mortgage report to review or sign up for Smart Credit at the cost of $19.99 (we will cancel this service if client doesn’t wish to proceed any further with CPR.









Credit                             Client Audit Agreement

  Problem                       2401 N Alder Dr

    Repair                        Fruitland ID 83619 






Audit of credit report(s) to identify  inaccurate, obsolete and erroneous information associated with the data of a consumers credit report(s) and credit file.


CPR uses this audit to compose any letter(s) needed for the credit repair process to ensure all data is being addressed as needed for credit repair.


A CPR audit client is not in contract for credit repair services solely based upon a credit audit having been preformed by CPR Credit Repair on behalf of the consumer. Rather, after the audit, CPR and audit client shall review the audit results and determine scope and costs associated with subsequent credit repair services, as needed, and any credit repair services shall then be outlined in a separate agreement.


                    CPR may also elect to share audit client’s information and audit results with CPR affiliates to determine if audit client has any potential consumer law claims, and if so, audit client may be entitled to $1,000 in                 damages, or more, with no out-of- pocket fees or costs. Audit client understands and agrees to CPR sharing such information.


Audit Fee


$299.00 to be charged for an audit of credit report(s). The $299.00 is due to be paid to CPR upon audit being agreed upon and facilitated.





Credit                             Client Service Agreement

  Problem                       2401 N Alder Dr

    Repair                        Fruitland ID 83619 






Credit Repair Client retains Credit Problem Repair to write letters on client’s behalf to Credit Bureaus to repair Client’s credit based upon inaccurate, obsolete, and/or erroneous information associated with the data of a consumer’s credit report and credit file. No person at CPR is a lawyer or an attorney, however, we are familiar with the laws that protect consumers against inaccurate and erroneous information on credit reports, and we affiliate and partner with consumer protection attorneys throughout the United States. CPR shall only send letters to Credit Bureaus with Client’s signature. We work to remove “inaccurate, outdated or unverifiable” information from your credit reports.


Estimated Time Frame for Services:

There is a 3-day cancellation policy that goes into effect at midnight the day Client signs this contract, and all fees will be refunded within this 72-hour time frame if Client cancels or rescinds. To that end, a written notice is required and can be sent to 2401 N Alder Dr Fruitland ID 83619. Otherwise, once this agreement has been executed between Credit Problem Repair and Client, the letters will be sent after the 3-day rescission period within 2 business days and certified mailed to all 3 credit bureaus. The dispute process encompasses approximately 45-55 day time frame. This is once they receive these letters, they have 30 days to work your disputes and respond to you via mail.


Term of Contract


This agreement/ contract shall be a month-to-month term, which may be cancelled at any time: however- Client agrees to pay Credit Problem Repair for letters already written. This month –to- month agreement becomes effective on midnight of the third business day after the date of Client’s signature noted below, (i.e., after the rescission period, referenced above).



Service Fees


$139 to be charged for up to a total of 5 months starting the 30th day after agreement/contract is signed. Monthly fees cover all file review & maintenance, letter preparation, certified mail and credit monitoring service.



Client Obligations


Client agrees to send/bring all correspondence between Client and Credit Bureaus to Credit Problem Repair for review by Credit Problem Repair and Client is required to be in touch with our office within 45-60 days as work is being performed. As noted above, the credit bureaus will respond to CPR’s letters by sending dispute/investigation results directly to Client, so Client is responsible for then transmitting the results to CPR for review. If Client fails to keep or transmit credit bureau investigation results, then CPR is unable to effectively perform credit repair services.




Client acknowledges Credit Problem Repair:

  • Works to IMPROVE credit score ONLY by correcting any incorrect , inaccurate, or obsolete information and errors.
  • DOES NOT perform debt reduction.
  • DOES NOT perform settlement reduction.
  • DOES NOT perform credit counseling.
  • DOES NOT report to the credit bureaus.


*****At Credit Problem Repair, we never encourage any client to NOT pay any amounts due to their creditors or collection agencies. Working with/through Credit Problem Repair does NOT stop collection attempts of any kind.*****


*****No agent with Credit Problem Repair will speak to any creditor or collection agency on behalf of the client.*****



In the event a dispute shall arise between the parties to this contract, it is hereby agreed that the dispute shall be referred to United States Arbitration & Mediation for arbitration in accordance with United States Arbitration & Mediation Rules of Arbitration. The parties are to split the fees 50/50. The arbitrator’s decision shall be final and binding and judgment may be entered thereon. In the event a party fails to proceed with arbitration, unsuccessfully challenges the arbitrator’s award, or fails to comply with arbitrator’s award, the other party is entitled of costs of suit including a reasonable attorney’s fee for having to compel arbitration or defend or enforce the award.



Privacy Policy


At Credit Problem Repair we understand the personal and confidential nature of using our services. All personal and confidential Client information collected by Credit Problem Repair is confidential and is not shared, unless as otherwise stated herein. Credit Problem Repair will not discuss client information with anyone, unless we have your permission, unless as otherwise stated herein.

Additionally, CPR, however, may also elect to share Client’s information and audit results with CPR consumer protection attorney affiliates to determine if Client has any potential consumer law claims, and if so, Client may be entitled to $1,000 in damages, or more, with no out-of-pocket fees or costs. Client understands and agrees to CPR sharing such information..

Additionally, Credit Problem Repair may use examples of successes as testimonial. To that end, only Client’s first name may be used, if at all. For example, John had a XXX score and it took XX # of months to get John to a XXX score.


Indemnification and File Retention:


Client acknowledges Credit Problem Repair does not guarantee any negative items that belong to Client’s will be deleted from their credit report(s) or that Credit Score will increase by any certain number. Client acknowledges that all successes attained by Credit Problem Repair are examples and not guaranteed.



Everything in a Client’s file belongs to them at end of services rendered. By law, however, Credit Problem Repair will keep copies in a file for 2 years and then it will be shredded after that duration of time.




You have a right to dispute inaccurate information in your credit report by contacting the credit bureau directly. However, neither you nor a credit repair company or credit repair organization has the right to have accurate, current or verifiable information removed from your credit report.  The credit bureau must remove accurate and negative information from your report only if it is over 7 years old. Bankruptcy information can be reported up to 10 years.


You have a right to obtain a copy of your credit report from a credit bureau. You may be charged a reasonable fee. There is no fee, however, if you have been turned down for credit, employment, insurance or rental dwelling because of information on your credit report within the preceding 60 days. The credit bureau must provide someone to help you interpret the information in your credit file. You are entitled to receive a free copy of your credit report if you are unemployed and intend to apply for employment in the next 60 days, if you are a recipient of public welfare assistance, or if you have reason to believe that there is inaccurate information in your credit report due to fraud.


You have a right to sue a credit repair organization that violated the credit repair organization act. This law prohibits deceptive practices by credit repair organizations.

You have the right to cancel your contract within a credit repair organization for any reason within 3 business days from the date you signed it.


Credit bureaus are required to follow reasonable procedures to ensure the information they are reporting is accurate. However, mistakes may occur.

You may, on your own, notify a credit bureau in writing that you dispute the accuracy of information in your credit file. The credit bureau must then reinvestigate and modify or remove inaccurate or incomplete information. The credit bureau may not charge any fee for this service. Any pertinent information and copies of all documents you have concerning in error should be given to the credit bureau.


If the credit bureaus investigation does not resolve the dispute to your satisfaction, you may send a brief statement to the credit bureaus to be kept in your file, explaining why you think the record is inaccurate.  The credit bureau must include a summary of your statement about the disputed information within a report it issues about you. The Federal Trade Commission regulates credit bureaus and credit repair organizations. For more information contact: The Public Reference Branch Federal Trade Commission, Washington D.C. 20580.


I confirm the fact that I agree and understand what I am signing, and acknowledge that I have received a copy of Consumer Credit File Rights.


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Oregon #DM-80114 MLS

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