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What is credit repair?


My name is Shar and I’m the owner of CPR credit repair. I have almost 30 years in the industry and I physically own a brick and mortar office for the last 12 years. Credit repair is the art of challenging consumer information on your credit report for deletion or correction. We challenge all outdated, inaccurate, unverifiable and erroneous information in our office and we have a unique way of getting things changed or deleted. Although we cannot guarantee you any results as far as deletion rates that we work hard for you. So if you’re interested in finding out more of our information, go to the next video and see how you two can sign up to do credit repair with CPR.

Is Credit Repair Legal? Can we guarantee results?

One of the biggest things people ask me in my office is credit repair legal and can we guarantee our work well? No, we cannot guarantee legally any results in our office but we are licensed and bonded with the department of finance to do credit repair and we actually have a business that is structured that does nothing but consumer credit repair. So we would love to talk to you if you’re interested to do a free consultation, please go to the next video and find out how you two can get your credit report reviewed by our office at no charge to you

Sign up for your free Consultation...

In order to sign up and do a free consultation, we ask that you pull your credit. Please follow the link that I have submitted below and then pull your report and when you have your username and your password together, please fill out the form and schedule an appointment. I would love to talk to you and review your report. This takes normally 20 to 30 minutes depending on your questions. But once you have your username and your password to the credit monitoring service below, feel free to send us the calendar invite and let’s schedule an appointment and let us review your credit report. Let’s see what I can do to help you. If it’s just some basic knowledge you need, I’m all yours. I can do that at no church to you if you need some general education and assistance I can help you with that as well. If you have us repair your credit, that’s where our fees are involved. So if you would like to have more information on our fees, please watch the next video.

What is the cost?

Everybody wants to know what the fees associated with credit repair are and I’m going to give those to you. But the very first thing I want to explain to you is our office has a 5 months and done policy which means after your audit we provide 5 months of credit repair service at the end of the five months. We believe that everything legally should
be done and composed in our office.

At that point. If you stay on path and you stay on track and keep your appointments, you should be doing your last follow-up at approx. 150 days at any account that remains on your report from there gets a full legal audit to see what else we can get legally removed. So we again do what’s called pre-litigation credit repair in our office. We charge a $299 one-time audit fee when you determined that you want to start credit repair service with us we repair your credit and we do not charge you one of five months until the first 30 days is completed. So 30, 60, 90, 120 & 150 days is when you are paying the service fee of $139. The $139 covers the maintenance of the clients file, certified letters to creditors, collectors and or the credit bureaus, and the monitoring service to pull your reports.

The pre-litigation file prepping all legal letters that go out the certified mail to send them and the monitoring service every time we have to pull your credit report so if you’re interested in paying the $299 audit fee and the 5 months of the credit repair at $139, please communicate with our office and let’s see what we can do to get your credit repaired and move you into better health.

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First, Sign Up For Credit Monitoring

Clicking the “Pull Credit Report” Button will take you to the website for Smart Credit, once you sign up for Smart Credit Please return to this page so you can book a consultation.

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First, Sign Up To Pull Credit

Clicking the “Pull Credit Report” Button will take you to the website for Smart Credit, once you sign up for Smart Credit Please return to this page so you can book a consultation.

Then, Sign Up For Your Consultation

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